Noah Mamet

Noah Mamet


Noah B. Mamet served as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Argentina from 2014-2017 during President Obama’s second term. Ambassador Mamet was awarded the Medal of San Martin at the rank of Great Cross by the government of Argentina, only the third American in over 200 years to receive such a distinction.

During Ambassador Mamet’s time in Argentina, bi-lateral relations between the U.S. and Argentina improved dramatically by initially focusing on science, technology, renewable energy, and educational exchanges and later adding security cooperation, counter-narcotics and climate change programs. His efforts resulted in a special “Corporate Citizenship Award” from the American Chamber of Commerce and the “Bridges of the Americas” award.

In March 2016, Ambassador Mamet hosted President Obama and the First Family’s historic trip to Buenos Aires, the first bi-lateral presidential visit to Argentina in nearly 20 years.

During 2016, Ambassador Mamet led efforts to coordinate security training and exchanges for over 2000 officials within the Argentine Ministry of Security, establishing a new precedent for security cooperation.

Ambassador Mamet also led the first of its kind Argentine delegation of both public and private sector leaders to California to further build economic ties through technology, innovation and clean energy, including a stop at AWS in Silicon Valley.

Under his leadership, the U.S. Embassy was the first embassy in Argentina to install renewable energy through the use of solar panels and became the first embassy in the world to install a wind turbine.

Ambassador Mamet is the founder of a business consulting firm, NMA Partners. The firm has represented numerous business clients including Tesla, SpaceX, City National Bank, and the Clinton Foundation, among others.

He has served on the National Finance Committees for President Obama as well as President Biden. In 2020 he Co- Chaired ‘Ambassadors For Biden’ and was a member of Biden’s LatAm Advisory Council.

Currently, Ambassador Mamet is Chairman for the Americas for Delphos International, a global leader in financial consulting, assisting companies in emerging markets access capital from international development banks and is on the board of Globant and Vrio.

Outside the world of business, politics and international affairs, Ambassador Mamet has worked on numerous philanthropic causes. A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, he delivered the 2020 commencement address to his alma mater.