Saints is an investment firm dedicated to providing liquidity to investors in private companies. Since 2000, Saints has been providing liquidity to banks, corporations, hedge funds, institutions, private equity firms, founders and individuals for their investments in illiquid private company assets. As a flexible buyer and investor, Saints typically offers a variety of solutions for sellers. Each secondary transaction is different and Saints is willing to work with sellers to address transactional needs and concerns beyond liquidity.

With over $1 billion in assets under management, a track record of over 10 years and investments in over 200 portfolio companies, Saints is the oldest and largest direct secondary investor in the United States. Saints is also one of the few secondary investors with a specific fund dedicated to directly acquiring private investments from existing investors. The combination of our team’s experience, which is the largest and most experienced in the direct secondary market and with our knowledge and expertise across high growth industries such as software, internet, healthcare and business services, allows us to be the liquidity source of choice for private assets.